About Us

amPICQ aims at evolving a new paradigm. It is trying to develop a remarkable suite of products to lead the world into next spurt of revolution. It helps in providing a road map of clarity for the alternative computing technologies in the context of ‘Beyond Moore’ scenario.
amPICQ develops and offers products in the space of Photonics and Quantum technologies. It is involved in deep tech for providing fundamental solutions to the computing and communications world. The products could bring in paradigm shift in the computing world. As we are progressing towards the Quantum world which is expected to unleash an epistemological break, amPICQ desires to contribute substantially to such epoch.

Our Advisers

Srinivas Aluri, Chairman, QNu Labs.
Dr Sarvagya Dwivedi, IMEC.
Tarun Batra, Mishran.
Mr Srinath Pattabhiraman, Capital logic.


amPICQ thinks radically away from the conventional knowledge structures and provide the world with better alternatives in the computing space. The Mission is to come up with ‘Photonics Integrated Circuits’ for Quantum communications as the first goal post and work for the perspective objective of evolving ‘Programmable PICs’ for Quantum computing. It is a new way of looking at the things and come up with innovations for a better world.

Our Proposed Solutions

At the moment the traditional silicon technologies are facing roadblocks as the Moore’s law necessitates the anticipation of a transformation. 3rd generation or compound semiconductor technologies may provide such pivoting. Photonics has arrived in communication space and progressing towards computing. Such progress is being attempted to be expedited by amPICQ

Quantum technology is being projected as the ultimate alternative computing paradigm and its supremacy is expected in near future. Quantum communications progressed at a better pace than the Quantum computing and started offering stable solutions. But there is huge scope to revolutionise the Quantum communications through Photonics based circuits. amPICQ is attempting to develop such Photonics Integrated Circuits.

Potentially the evolution of PICs paves way for solutions for Quantum computing as already such plausibilities are being exhibited. amPICQ progresses its rationality into developing programmability for such PICs leading into offering fault tolerant Quantum computers which seems to be the only way for offering Quantum computers at the room temperature, further leading probably to desktop and mobile enablement.