Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs)
Next-Generation Applications

One stop shop for a complete PIC product.
amPICQ Plans to set-up India’s first compound semiconductor foundry.

We focus on designing PIC based chips for QKD and QRNG in the realm of Quantum Communication. In future, we plan to explore areas such as sensing, advanced computation and PNT.

Our Goal

amPICQ aims at evolving a new paradigm. It is trying to develop a remarkable suite of products to lead the world into next spurt of revolution. It helps in providing a road map of clarity for the alternative computing technologies in the context of ‘Beyond Moore’ scenario.

amPICQ-QKD System

➢Smaller size and light weight due to miniaturization.
➢ PIC based QKD receiver design with integrated SPADs.
➢ Possibility of scalability.
➢ Integration with electronics.

amPICQ-QRNG System

➢Intrinsic Random source.
➢ Miniaturization of design.
➢ Due to small size, it can be embedded in IOT devices.
➢ Integrable with electronics

Industrial Applications

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