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One stop shop for a complete PIC product.
Plans to set-up India’s first compound semiconductor foundry.

amPICQ was founded in 2022, based out of Hyderabad, India with a special focus laid on designing and developing Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) and photonic hardware products in the Integrated Photonics space. These PICs are used in several application domains like Quantum Communications, Sensing, Analogue processors for AI/ML applications, Quantum Computing, Neuromorphic/Edge-computing, PNT systems, Telecommunications and Data Centers. 

amPICQ is currently equipped with a team of PhDs and notable advisors in the Photonics space and mobilised connections with several Photonics ecosystems around the globe to fulfil the ultimate goal of developing Programmable PICs for even Quantum computing. amPICQ has been selected for incubation in several Hubs in India and even ITRI, Taiwan. It has been selected for grant by the Quantum Technology Foundation, i-HUB, under NM-ICPS of Government of India.

Achievements to Date

  • Secured purchase orders for design and development of PICS for QKD and QRNG.
  • Selected for India’s prestigious IHUB Quantum Technology Foundation’s incubation program.
  • Accepted by ITRI’s TTA incubation in Taiwan
  • Part of Photon Delta’s ecosystem in Europe.
  • Seed round raised. Initial PoCs in fabrication for QKD (Tx and Rx chips).

Our Business Model

Our Team

Prometheus Das Mahapatra

Prometheus Das Mahapatra

Rahul Pulipati

Rahul Pulipati

Director and Co-Founder
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